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Integra Technologies Begins Production Shipments of its 3rd Generation 100V RF GaN

Integra has achieved another RF industry first by commercializing our novel 100V RF GaN technology.  In June 2022, we announced production shipments to customers in the US and Europe.  We also announced expansion of our 100V RF GaN product portfolio with the introduction of 7 new products for avionics, directed energy, electronic warfare, radar and scientific market segments with power levels up to 5kW in a single transistor. These products incorporate Integra’s 100V RF GaN technology optimized to deliver the highest power and efficiency in a single transistor while maintaining reliable operating junction temperatures. Combined with Integra’s thermally enhanced patents and transistor design expertise, these products offer reliable operation with a MTTF of 10^7 hours.


The ground-breaking progress that we have made enables 100V GaN/SiC-based HEMTs to offer a superior solution for avionics, radar systems, high-energy particle accelerators, and other applications requiring high output power, wide operating bandwidth and high efficiency. Read our full press release.


Superior Performance of Integra's 100V RF GaN Transistors

High Power Density 

Leveraging our proprietary epitaxial structure, Integra's HV GaN transistors can achieve power densities over
12 Watts/mm. The high power density enables customers to reduce transistor count and its power combining circuity, and system size and costs.

High Drain Efficiency 

An industry first, Integra has developed a single RF transistor achieving 3.6 kW (>12 W/mm pulsed) with >70% drain efficiency at 100 V. Impedance matching for high efficiency is accomplished through a  combination of lumped and distributed matching elements.

Thermally Enhanced

In addition, to our novel and unique epitaxial structure, we incorporate patented circuit and thermal management techniques to reduce the effective thermal resistance of our transistor products by up to 10%.

Integra’s 100V GaN gives designers the ability to dramatically increase system power levels and functionality while simplifying system architectures with less power combining circuitry compared to the more commonplace 50V and 65V GaN technology.  Customers ultimately benefit with a smaller system footprint and lower system cost. 

New Product: IGN1011S3600

Integra's first 100V RF GaN-on-SiC product, the IGN1011S3600 delivers breakthrough performance achieving 3.6 kiloWatt of output power and 70% drain efficiency. Designed specifically for IFF/SSR avionic systems, the IGN1011S3600 is a compelling solution that addresses the size, weight, power and cost (SWAP-C) improvement needs over existing market solutions.

Download Integra's IGN1011S3600 datasheet.

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