Fully-matched, GaN-on-SiC and LDMOS RF Power Transistors for S-band to X-band Radar System Design

One level up from our pre-matched transistors, Integra offers a suite of space-saving and easy-to-implement 50-ohm (fully matched) transistors. These ultra-efficient devices enable you to achieve SWaP-C objectives by getting more functional use out of the transistor spot in your high power amplifier’s (HPA's) block diagram. These transistors are currently designed for applications from 2.7 GHz to 12 GHz (S-band through X-band) and offer output power up to 135 W. They are designed with thermally-efficient metallized packages, and provide efficiencies up to 55%.

50-Ohm RF Power Transistors
ModelFrequency Low
Frequency High
Output Power
Pulse width &
Duty factor
Matching: OhmPackage
2.703.101301550300µs, 10%5050PL44A1
2.703.10120135040ms, 50%3250PM67A1
2.703.10151250300µs, 10%3250PL32A2
2.703.10301250300µs, 10%3250PL32A2
2.703.101301243300µs, 10%3250P64H2
3.003.50151245300µs, 10%3250PL32A2
3.003.50301245300µs, 10%3250PL32A2
3.103.501151150300µs, 10%4050PL44A1
3.103.501351455300µs, 10%4650PL44A1
5.205.905014431ms, 15%5050PL44A1
5.205.90801348300µs, 10%5050PL44A1
5.405.9025154350µs, 10%4550PL44A1
8.209.20501040100µs, 10%5050PFC77A1
9.0010.00501037100µs, 10%5050PFC77A1
11.0012.0090937150µs, 10%5050PFC77A1

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