IGN1300CW300 High Power GaN Transistor for Avionics Operating at 1.30 GHz

Frequency Low
Frequency High
Output Power
Pulse width & Duty factor Voltage
Matching Package
1.3 1.3 300 12 70 CW 36 Input & Output PL95A1


IGN1300CW300 is a high power GaN transistor best suited for L-band avionic applications. Specified for use under Class AB operation, this transistor offers 1.30 GHz of operating frequency, minimum of 300W of peak pulse power, 36V and 90% duty factor. Assembled via chip and wire technology, utilizing gold metallization, this unit is housed in a metal-based package and sealed with a ceramic-epoxy lid.


  • GaN on SiC HEMT Technology
  • 300W Output Power
  • Class AB Operation
  • Pre-matched Internal Impedance-100% High Power RF Tested
  • Negative Gate Voltage/Bias Sequencing


  • L-Band Avionics


  • EAR99

For package dimensions, evaluation board details, and complete test specifications, view the data sheet.


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