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Revolutionizing Next Gen Radar with Plug & Play RF PA Pallets

Integra's plug and play RF power amplifier pallets combine our high power, broadband GaN-on-SiC devices with our Thermally Enhanced technology to solve our customers' most complex power challenges. 

Our unique RF power amplifier pallets simplify system level PA integration while delivering exceptional performance and reliability. Our pin and socket solution eliminates the need for traditional soldering methods. Just drop in and bolt down the pallets to immediately connect RF signals and DC feeds. Customers benefit greatly from reduced complexity during design, elimination of touch labor during system manufacturing, and ease of replacement for field maintenance.

MWJ: Integra's New Innovative Modular Solution  

Animation of Integra's Plug and Play RF PA Pallet 

Advantages of Integra's Plug and Play RF PA Pallets

Easy to Use

Soldering is often messy and unreliable for forging an electrical connection. Integra's pin and socket design eliminates soldering and allows customers to simply drop in and bolt down pallets for immediate connection.

Lower Cost

Integra's plug and play pallets reduce system costs by eliminating soldering processes from manufacturing and test operations.  Additionally, field upgrades and replacements are greatly simplified with a plug and play connection.  

Highly Reliable

Integra uses high quality pin and socket connectors to ensure optimal electrical performance as well as corrosion and wear resistance.  Integra's plug and play pallets our designed to operate in various harsh environmental conditions.


Want to learn more?

If you're looking to simplify your system design with our innovative plug and play RF power amplifier pallet solution, contact us by emailing or filling out the form below. 

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