GaN-on-SiC RF and Microwave Power Transistors for the Latest Pulsed Radar System Designs

Integra’s gallium nitride on silicon carbide (GaN-on-SiC, GaN/SiC) HEMT RF Power Transistor devices are the latest in RF and microwave power transistor technology. They deliver high gain and high power levels from UHF through C-band microwave frequencies, and their silicon carbide (SiC) substrate offers excellent heat extraction for long term reliability and optimal power density. This suite of solid-state RF Power Transistors includes models offering up to 77% power efficiency and up to 1200 W of power. They are ideally suited for high power amplifier (HPA) design in pulsed radar applications, including commerical air-traffic control (ATC) and military systems.

Integra’s gallium nitride on silicon carbide (GaN-on-SiC, GaN/SiC) HEMT RF Power Transistors deliver high gain and high power levels from UHF through C-band.
RF Power Transistors for New Designs
ModelFrequency Low
Frequency High
Output Power
Pulse  width & Duty factorVoltage
1.031.03402265300µs, 10%50InputPL32A2
1.031.038001760128µs, 2%50InputPL84A1
1.031.03800176548x (32µs On, 18µs Off), 6.4%50InputPL84A1
1.031.031000176548x (32µs On, 18µs Off), 6.4%50InputPL84A1
1.091.098001762128µs, 2%50InputPL84A1
1.301.303001270CW36Input & OutputPL95A1
2.8562.85640116012µs, 3%50InputPL32A2
2.8562.856500126012µs, 3%50Input & OutputPL64A1
2.9982.99850012558µs, 1%50Input & OutputPL64A1
0.420.451602277100µs, 10%50InputPL44C1
0.961.215452157444x (7µs On, 6µs Off), 22.7%50InputPL32A2
0.961.2151251855444x (7µs On, 6µs Off), 22.7%50Input & OutputPL44C1
0.961.2152501863444x (7µs On, 6µs Off), 22.7%50Input & OutputPL44C1
0.961.222501860444x (7µs On, 6µs Off), 22.7%50InputPL44C1
0.961.2155001565444x (7µs On, 6µs Off), 22.7%50Input & OutputPL95A1
0.961.215500186048x (32µs On, 18µs Off), 6.4%50InputPL44C1
0.961.2151501260CW28Input & OutputPL95A1
0.961.2153001470CW36Input & OutputPL95A1
1.0251.1530195532µs, 2%50InputPL32A2
1.0251.1540226532µs, 2%50InputPL32A2
1.0251.1540216048x (32µs On, 18µs Off), 6.4%50InputPL32A2
1.0251.151000165032µs, 2%50InputPL84A1
1.031.09152055128µs, 2%50InputPL32A2
1.031.094001665128µs, 2%50InputPL64A1
1.031.096001665128µs, 2%50InputPL64A1
1.031.098001660128µs, 2%50InputPL84A1
1.031.0960196548x (32µs On, 18µs Off), 6.4%50InputPL32A2
1.031.0970226548x (32µs On, 18µs Off), 6.4%50InputPL32A2
1.031.09120206048x (32µs On, 18µs Off), 6.4%50InputPL44C1
1.031.091000176548x (32µs On, 18µs Off), 6.4%50InputPL84A1
1.031.091200177548x (32µs On, 18µs Off), 6.4%50InputPL84A1
1.201.40601960300µs, 10%50Input & OutputPL44A1
1.201.401201960300µs, 10%50Input & OutputPL44C1
1.201.402501660300µs, 10%50Input & OutputPL44C1
1.201.405001460300µs, 10%50Input & OutputPL95A1
1.201.405001770100µs, 10%50InputPL44C1
1.201.406002071150µs, 10%50InputPL64A1
1.201.406501372300µs, 10%50Input & OutputPL95A1
1.201.40100016655µs, 1.5%50Input & OutputPL84A1
1.201.401516555ms, 30%50Input & OutputPL32A2
1.201.403016605ms, 30%42Input & OutputPL32A2
1.201.4012518552ms, 20%50Input & OutputPL44C1
1.201.4050016652ms, 20%50Input & OutputPL95A1
1.201.403802054150µs, 10%50InputPL44C1
1.301.456501665300µs, 10%60InputPL84A1
2.402.904001350300µs, 10%48Input & OutputPL84A1
2.702.902501159300µs, 10%50Input & OutputPL64A1
2.702.904001158300µs, 10%50Input & OutputPL64A1
2.702.905001260300µs, 10%50Input & OutputPL84A1
2.703.00651558300µs, 20%32Input & OutputPL32A1
2.703.1051548300µs, 10%40InputPL32A1
2.703.10801450100µs, 10%40Input & OutputPL32A1
2.703.101201365100µs, 20%30Input & OutputPL44C1
2.703.101301555100µs, 10%40Input & OutputPL32A1
2.703.101801358100µs, 10%50Input & OutputPL32A1
2.703.102001454300µs, 10%44Input & OutputPL64A1
2.703.1010154040ms, 50%32InputPL32A2
2.703.1020014543ms, 30%42Input & OutputPL64A1
2.703.20101648100µs, 10%40Input & OutputPL32A2
2.903.20751355100µs, 10%45Input & OutputPL32A1
3.103.501351355300µs, 10%50Input & OutputPL32A1
3.103.502501350300µs, 10%50Input & OutputPL44C1
3.103.501216503ms, 30%46InputPL32A2
3.103.5011514513ms, 30%46Input & OutputPL44C1
3.804.201301457100µs, 2%50Input & OutputPL32A1
5.205.90801348300µs, 10%50Input & OutputPL32A1

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