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New Line of GaN/SiC RF Power Modules Help Simplify Radar Amplifier Design

2017 թ. դեկտեմբերի 1, ուրբաթ

We are pleased to announce the formal launch of our new line of over a dozen standardized RF Power Modules (aka Pallets).

Differentiating these integrated standard modules from custom or build-to-print, PCB amplifier assemblies, or "pallets", these new, ultra-efficient RF Power Modules are being developed to offer a new level of integration which results in powerful yet simple, higher-level building blocks for creating SWaP-C optimized high power amplifiers (HPAs) found in pulsed and CW radar systems.

Built-in functions can include RF matching, gate-pulsing and sequencing (GPS), output noise suppression, temperature compensation, and VSWR protection. Integra's RF power modules are available in a variety of RF bands, and future standard and semi-custom solutions will be built around Integra's commitment to push their advanced gallium nitride on silicon carbide (GaN-on-SiC) 50-ohm RF Power Transistor technology up to X-band territories. Standard RF Power Modules currently offer output power up to 2400 W, and efficiencies up to 70%. Unique footprints and packaging approaches are available.

Learn more about these advanced, integrated RF Power Module solutions for high power amplifier design, and request pricing.

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