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GaN-on-SiC and Silicon RF/Microwave Power Solutions for Existing and New Generation Radar Systems

When you’re striving for best in class output power, efficiency and thermal performance for your next generation radar, Integra is your RFPowerPartner. Our GaN/SiC transistors and amplifier pallet solutions are helping define new system architectures for demanding long pulse and CW radar applications. Leveraging our radar focused IP portfolio built over 20 years, we can deliver a solution designed to meet your system requirements in a matter of weeks. At Integra, we also understand the importance of continuity of supply for your long lifecycle programs. We have the technology, program heritage and experiencet to look as far back or as far ahead as your program requires. Integra is your RF Power Partner.


In addition to the latest in GaN-on-SiC (GaN/SiC) solutions for new designs, our lineup of pre-matched devices also include Silicon products for legacy systems.


One level up from our pre-matched transistors, Integra offers a broad suite of space-saving and easy to implement 50-ohm (fully-matched) transistors.


Our RF Power Pallets are your best way to benefit from our expertise. High efficiency and built-in functions allow you to gain incredible SWaP-C and performance advantages.

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