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GaN/SiC and Silicon RF/Microwave Power Solutions

RF GaN Power Transistors

Integra's gallium nitride on silicon carbide (GaN/SiC) HEMT RF Power Transistor devices are the latest in RF power transistor technology. They deliver high gain and high power levels from UHF through C-band microwave frequencies, and their silicon carbide (SiC) substrate offers excellent heat extraction for long term reliability and optimal power density. This suite of solid-state RF Power Transistors includes models offering up to 77% power efficiency and up to 1200 W of power. They are ideally suited for high power amplifier (HPA) design in pulsed radar applications, including commerical air-traffic control (ATC) and military systems.

RF Silicon Power Transistors

Integra's lineup of pre-matched, Si-Bipolar, Si-LDMOS and Si-VDMOS RF Power Transistors include hard-to-find models for various legacy CW and pulsed radar systems. They have been optimized for specific radar applications where size, weight, frequency, and power performance variables needed to be uniquely managed. These solid-state, pre-matched transistors are suited for RF and microwave applications up to 3.5 GHz with output power requirements of up to 1500 W. They are delivered in thermally-efficient metallized packages, and provide efficiencies up to 75%. They're ideal for legacy high power amplifier (HPA) designs.

50 Ohm RF Power Transistors

One level up from our pre-matched transistors, Integra offers a suite of space-saving and easy-to-implement fully matched (50-ohm) transistors. These ultra-efficient transistors enable you to achieve SWaP-C objectives by getting more functional use out of the transistor spot in your high power amplifier's (HPA's) block diagram. These solid-state RF Power Transistors are currently designed for RF and microwave applications from 2.7 GHz to 12 GHz (S-band, C-band, X-band) and offer output power up to 135 W. They are designed with thermally-efficient metallized packages, and provide efficiencies up to 55%. They are the ideal RF Power Transistors for advance pulsed radar design applications.

RF Power Amplifier Pallets

Integra's integrated GaN/SiC RF power amplifier modules (pallets) have been developed to offer high-power amplifier designers a powerful yet simple, higher-level building block for their radar system's amplification chain. Built-in power functions include RF matching, gate-pulsing and sequencing (GPS), output noise suppression, temperature compensation, and VSWR protection. Suited for applications up to 3.5 GHz, Integra's standard GaN RF power amplifier modules offer output power up to 2000 W, efficiencies up to 70%, and include various PCB substrate and packaging options. Custom pallet and semi-custom design requests are welcome for S-, C-, and X-band systems.

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