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Thomas Kole Discusses Integra's High Power Technologies with Everything RF

2018 թ. օգոստոսի 17, ուրբաթ

Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Thomas Kole, interviewed with everything RF to discuss Integra's history, high power RF devices, expert team of engineers, what differentiates Integra in this industry and Integra's 5 year plan.

We are a company that can optimize your high power amplifier's (HPA's) RF power devices to achieve higher resolution, improved range, and consistent thermal control. Our RF power transistors and modules are capable of over 80% efficiency, and our team of high power experts knows how to deploy them to create the advanced amplification chain you need to go the distance today.

Q. Can you give us a brief history of Integra Technologies?

Integra was founded in 1997 by a few entrepreneurial engineers who believed they could empower a new generation of radar system designers with innovative, high-performance RF power transistor solutions. The first product we brought to market was an S-band RF power transistor using novel semiconductor material growth and processing techniques. These products are still in use today in various radars including air traffic control systems in major airports worldwide.

Q. What products do you manufacture and what technologies do you use?

Over the last 2 decades, Integra has built the industry's broadest portfolio of high-power transistors for radar applications. Our current products utilize GaN-on-SiC, Si-Bipolar, Si-LDMOS, and Si-VDMOS semiconductor technology. Our products cover frequencies through X-band and can achieve efficiency greater than 80%.

In addition to transistors, Integra also offers an extensive line of standardized RF Power Modules that include a variety of system-level circuit functions. We're very excited about releasing more RF Power Modules in the coming months that will set new benchmarks for thermal efficiency and control.

Q. What Markets does Integra address?

Integra has been a key supplier and partner to the world's premier radar system OEMs across North America, Europe, and Asia markets. Our technology and products combined with our high power systems expertise, have helped us gain the trust of major OEMs in Aerospace and Defense, Weather Radar, Air Traffic Control, Avionics (IFF, SSR, DME, TACAN), Data Links, Electronic Warfare, and Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) applications.

Q. Are your products custom or standard?

While Integra maintains a large catalog of over 2,000 parts and engineers fully custom devices, the highest growth segment leverages Integra's vast library of GaN die and package platforms to quickly and economically to provide a semi-custom solution for a wide variety of customer specific applications. The ability to quickly turn these semi-custom solutions is a key differentiator for Integra.

Q. Do you have your own fab? Can you tell us more about your fabrication capabilities?

Integra utilizes both internal and external wafer fabs across the array of our semiconductor portfolios. Integra was founded on semiconductor processing expertise, building and operating a captive 6" fab located in our headquarters in El Segundo CA. We also have forged a long-term, strategic partnership with an external foundry to meet the growing demands of our customers. Together these manufacturing facilities provide Integra with a suite of differentiated technologies that allows us to uniquely address the high-performance radar market's needs. It also ensures our ability to guarantee supply to our customer base. Unlike most commercial markets, our customers' radar systems will run in the field for multiple decades requiring product longevity for ongoing spares in mission-critical applications. Integra is a supplier of choice not just for our market leading performance but also for our superior customer service.

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