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White Paper Presents Rationale for High Voltage GaN HEMT Technology in Wideband Radar Applications

2017 թ. նոյեմբերի 1, չորեքշաբթի

We are excited to offer a white paper describing the rationale for utilizing high voltage GaN HEMT technology in wideband radar and avionic systems.

The signal discussed is a pulse of 100 ?s width and 10% duty cycle. This paper explores the design advantages of high voltage GaN HEMT transistors which operate above the industry standard of 50 V. For designers developing to high power RF amplifiers the paper, the paper demonstrates the size, weight, power and cost benefits (SWaP-C) and efficiency that GaN HEMT offers.

To demonstrate the rationale, a 1 kW pulsed RF amplifier that operates at 150 V for radar applications in the UHF frequency band of 420 MHz to 450 MHz is presented. While this type of GaN HEMT device (offering 600 V breakdown voltage) is becoming ubiquitous in power conversion applications operating from kHz to a few MHz, the paper shows why they are now being aggressively explored for use in RF power amplifier designs, particularly for use in today's wideband radar and avionics systems.

Download the White Paper "150 V-Bias RF GaN for 1 kW UHF Radar Amplifiers" today.

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