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RF Power Transistors

In addition to the latest in GaN-on-SiC (GaN/SiC) solutions for new designs, our lineup of pre-matched devices also include Si LDMOS and VDMOS, as well as hard-to-find Si-bipolar designs, for legacy systems.

50-Ohm RF Power Transistors

One level up from our pre-matched transistors, Integra offers a suite of space-saving and easy-to-implement 50-ohm (fully matched) transistors.

RF Power Pallets

Integra’s RF Power Pallets are your best way to benefit from our expertise. High efficiency and built-in functions allow you to gain incredible SWaP-C and performance advantages.

Tech Brief Describes How to Choose the Best RF Power Transistor

The best solid-state, high power amplifiers (HPAs), especially those used in critical defense, aerospace, and weather-radar applications, start with the right choice of discrete or integrated RF power transistors. 

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Uniquely experienced at solving the challenges of IFF Radar

Pulsed signals in IFF radar systems present their own unique amplification challenges, from balancing power and efficiency requirements, to SWaP-C and real estate issues. If this sounds familiar, rely on Integra's IFF experience to get the job done.


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